Why Choose REALIFE?

Why Choose REALIFE?

There's no shortage of physical therapy clinics in the area.  So why choose REALIFE?

Because my mission is to help you feel better and move better so you can do life better.  There's something you cannot do or cannot do normally that you'd like to get back to doing.  That's where I come in.

1) Effective: Patients at REALIFE get an entire hour of effective treatment with the same licensed physical therapist.  No assistants.  No techs.  No aides.  No 30-minute rushed sessions.  No flip-flopping between multiple therapists.  Each therapy session at REALIFE is centered around hands-on techniques to address the precise problem as well as very specific accessory movements ("exercises") to compliment the manual techniques used.  Having longer, manual therapy focused sessions typically correlate to quicker healing times and fewer therapy visits.  This costs you less and helps you get back to real life activities sooner.

2) Functional: The body is designed for movement.  But when it hurts to move, we adjust how we move in order to avoid pain, typically resulting in more dysfunction.  Sometimes we even get to the point where we stop performing a movement altogether.  We are designed to walk, squat, bend, twist, turn, lift, and reach.  If these basic human movements are problematic or painful, the answer is NOT to stop doing them.  The answer is to get to the root of the problem and fix it.  People don't need just any "physical therapy" or "more exercise." They need transformation.  We are all capable of googling exercises.  But what do we do when those exercises don't work?  Or they cause pain?  Is it the wrong exercise?  Or are we just doing it incorrectly?  People want actual results.  I believe those results come from very specific hands on techniques combined with movement corrections tailored for the exact problem.  Not all shoulder/knee/back problems need the same approach.  

3) Compassionate: As healthcare continues to move more and more towards protocols and systems methods of treating patients, I prefer to remain autonomous and see each person as a unique individual with specific needs.  I want to help people get better.  And if I can't help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can.  As a person who pays cash for my OWN healthcare, I aim to deliver the same quality of care that I expect to receive.


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