About Your Therapist

I went into physical therapy for one reason - to help people.  I love to see people accomplish what they thought they couldn't.  And I take it personally when something doesn't get better.  

I've enjoyed seeing the tears of joy when someone is able to climb up and down a flight of stairs after years of being unable to do so.  I've celebrated with the one who was able to perform a burpee after a knee replacement.  I've given the high five to the person who was finally able to commute to her job in Anchorage without experiencing back pain when she got there.

At REALIFE, my mission is to help real life people get back to real life activities. For some, that's hiking up Lazy Mountain. For others, it's the ability to pick up an object dropped on the floor.  For others, it's being able to sit at the computer without feeling like their shoulders are on fire.

I want to help people. Even if that means referring you to someone else.  So if after evaluating you, I feel like you can be better served by someone else, I will gladly refer you to another therapist in the area who I think IS a good fit.  Because I want to help you get better.

A little about me:  My name is Trisha Magee.  I was born and raised in a very tiny town in Minnesota.  I met my husband in college, got married right after we both graduated with our bachelor's degrees.  We have four children spread out over 12 years, which has kept our lives very busy and extremely full.  My husband and I like to workout together, then whine about how sore we are then next day.  And then we go back to the gym for another dose.  We have reached the point in life where it hurts to sleep in too late.  

Although I had a brother who had muscular dystrophy and saw his fair share of physical therapists in his lifetime, I can't say that his experience was a catalyst to my career choice.  I have long been fascinated by the human body.  And yet, I had no desire to be a physician or nurse.  I didn't want to order medications, testing, or procedures to have THAT be the reason someone got better.  I wanted to use the gift of touch to help people.  Treating with my mind, heart, and hands is where I wanted to be.  

So you will find I have a single treatment room with access to gym equipment.  I aim to reproduce what people do in every day life: getting out of a chair, walking, going up and down stairs, carrying groceries, picking up their children.  But I want to help people do those things better.  Are these things currently painful?  Weak?  Stiff?  Often times, adding "load" makes this improvement come about more quickly.  Not to worry - you don't have to be familiar with the gym equipment.

So that's a little bit about me.  What about you?  What do YOU want to be able to do better?


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