Services & Insurance Information

Exercise prescription:  Exercises are selected based on initial evaluation findings and your personal therapy goals.  These are constantly adjusted and modified based on your response and progress.  Exercise can be utilized to build strength, increase endurance, or improve flexibility.

Manual therapy:  Manual therapy includes using my hands to increase joint mobility, modulate pain, reduce myofascial restrictions, or improve neurodynamic function.  Specifically, I treat with the Graston and Stecco methods, among other techniques.

Dry Needling (with electrical stimulation): This involves inserting a monofilament needle into muscular tissue in order to decrease pain, improve function of myofascial tissue, or facilitate athletic recovery.  When combined with electrical stimulation, the results are much more effective and with less post treatment soreness than with dry needling alone.

Performance Analysis:  With proper screening of an individual's movement pattern, weaknesses or asymmetries can be addressed with accessory movements and tailored exercise to correct the movement fault and improve technique.


Initial Evaluation - a thorough physical examination to assess the root cause of your problem.  Allow 90 minutes for the evaluation along with initial treatment to immediately follow.

Subsequent skilled physical therapy sessions - may include combination of modalities, exercise, joint mobilization, education, and manual therapy techniques to restore optimal mobility, strength, & function.  Typically 60-minutes in length.

Free consultation $0 (30-minute session).  Want to talk before deciding?  We can chat in person or over the phone at no cost to you in order to determine if we're going to be a good fit.  Call, text, or visit the "scheduling and location" page to schedule your free consultation.


What everyone wants to know - Do you take my insurance?

Almost all REALIFE patients have insurance.  I am in the process of becoming an in-network provider for the following insurances:


Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Alaska



Tricare Select

But because my applications have not been fully processed yet, I am currently out-of-network for all insurances.   However, out-of-network is not always more expensive than in-network, depending on your plan's deductible amounts and what different providers charge for their services.  A super-bill will be provided for you, which will allow you to easily submit proof of your charges to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.  I would encourage you to call your insurance company to inquire about reimbursement for “out-of-network physical therapy” expenses sent in via self-claims.  There is a worksheet below that guides you through the process of understanding what out-of-network costs would mean for you.

You also have the option of paying out of pocket for physical therapy services.  No superbill is provided for these services.

Out of pocket hourly rate:  $125

Use the worksheet below to help determine your insurance coverage for 

REALIFE Physical Therapy & Wellness services.

insurance worksheet.pdf


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